Learn From The Masters: Even Stockfish Was Confused!

Learn From The Masters: Even Stockfish Was Confused!


Merry Christmas!

Sorry I've been off for a while. Finals have been keeping me very busy. But with that out of the way, I'm now as free as a bird for the next 2-3 weeks! So prepare for quite a bit of posting! 

Let 'em fly!

Today, I would like to continue my never-ending series on studying master games and as many of you may know, I'm working on Chess.com's perspective on the greatest games of all time. Starting from the lower end of the list, and working our way up! I already have two posts up. Feel free to check them out!

Sacrifice Everything

A Young Norwegian Wonder

Today's game will be one between two historical Soviet titans, Boris Spassky, and David Bronstein. While I would love to learn more about these two players (my knowledge of chess history should be more vast!), what intrigued me most was this sacrifice by Spassky and the computer lines that ensued. Let's skim through the opening and early middlegame with a few instructional comments.

What's with this magical move 15. Nd6? The basic idea is that if you take the Knight, White mates his opponent with Qh7 and Qh8 mate. 
What really fascinates me is that when you first put the move into Stockfish, it says that the move is a blunder, and gives Black a -4 advantage! However, if you leave it sitting for a little bit, the position is deemed 0.00! How's that? I haven't analyzed this to its full potential, though Stockfish seems to find this forced draw, which I'm going to show you. I'm not even learning much from these computer moves. I just think that what the computer has cooked up is very interesting.
Tired of all those computer variations? You bet I am!  Let's look at the rest of the human game, and see how Spassky finished his opponent off.

I hope you enjoyed this deadly King's Gambit. Feel free to share the following in the comments:

  • Your best King's Gambit games
  • Any improvements over Stockfish's "draw"?
  • Other positions which confuse the computer
  • Suggestions for this series
  • Anything else.

Have a good day and happy holidays!