Learn From The Masters: Lasker's Quick Mate

Learn From The Masters: Lasker's Quick Mate

Apr 20, 2018, 6:14 PM |

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Oh, hi guys! First off, let's just assume that the second world champion was a pretty good guy, alright? I've never met the man, but he sounds wonderful! 

If you don't know much about Emanuel Lasker (like me), feel free to look him up... as he is a very interesting guy. Not only was he world champion for twenty-six years (twenty-one more years to go, Magnus!), he had other interests outside of chess. He got a Ph.D. in mathematics! Imagine any current top player achieving such academic prestige! 

Anyway, his reign as world champion was long, though some of his games were not. Let's dissect his quick win against Celso Zupide (maybe not a former world champion challenger, though he has defeated Blackburne and Steinitz, so he is no slouch!). 

I think the following game is also a good one for coaches to show their students, about giving up your kingside fianchettoed Bishop. The consequences were eminent in this game. I hope you enjoy!

Move nine might be where Black first goes wrong.

9... Ng4?! is simply a counter-intuitive move, and nowhere near theory. Part of the reasoning is likely that White can now provoke Black to trade away his dark-squared Bishop, which is what ultimately decided the game. Black is nowhere near busted yet, though he will have to play with caution from here.

It's worth noting that these players did not have chess computers to check their preparation... all of their opening work was done either using their own brains or with the help of other players! But let's look at some variations real quick:

Let's skip a few moves, where after 15. Qxd4, Black had an opportunity to dampen his fears:
Now for you're favorite part! Play like Lasker! Lasker's task is simple: gang up on those dark-squares, and checkmate the King! Feel free to let us know how you did!
Wow. What a game by Lasker! I hope you enjoyed the game and the annotations! Again, for the amateur player, this game is a very good example on why it can be very dangerous to give up your g2/g7 Bishop... White has holes to play on!
I hope you enjoy your weekend. @EOGuel signing off.