Member Game Analysis: Najdorf Knockouts
This game virtually featured two boxers!

Member Game Analysis: Najdorf Knockouts


Hello everyone, and thanks to @blueemu (black player) for sending in this game for analysis. 

Before I go on, please know that as a Class-A player, my knowledge of the Sicilian defense is very naive, so bear with me! I hope you enjoy!

Key pointers:
  • Open lines against the King can call for tactical opportunities (like Nxf4)
  • Be careful that if your Knight needs to retreat that you don't take away one of its important retreat squares!
  • Always take caution before opening your central position when your own King is stuck there!
  • In a position where open lines against the King are imminent, taking center pawns can be too greedy!
Very good game by Black! I hope you enjoyed the analysis. I will note that I initially looked at the game with my human eyes, however, I did use some computer assistance to look for any tactical/positional errors I may have missed. I am aiming to improve at analyzing games with no or minimal computer assistance.
I hope you enjoyed the analysis, and do feel free to send in your games for analysis on this blog!
Thanks for reading!