Path To Chess Prosperity #1: Insanity On The Board

Path To Chess Prosperity #1: Insanity On The Board


Hello, chess fans! Some of you may have seen my previous post where I openly expressed my desire for a successful chess future and laid out my weekly plan to consistently improve. Well, I was unable to accomplish all of my goals this week, though I did study a bit which is higher on my priority list than achieving my plan to perfection. 

All that to say, my main goal of this post is to break down what I accomplished and how it went overall. Enjoy!

  • Playing/Analyzing Games:

My goal was five 15|10 games on this week, but I only got to play two (one win and one draw), which is better than nothing!  They were both interesting games, though the second game ended up painting insanity all over the board, resulting in the least likely result.

This was obviously extremely complicated to analyze even running through the computer. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas regarding the game. Surprising the end result was a draw!

  • Openings:

Didn't really do any work in this area.

  • Tactics:

OK, this was a strange week for me as far as tactics go. As you may know, I primarily train on Chesstempo. I attempted my first problem on Monday morning and failed. I tried a second problem and ended up spending five days on that problem, and ended up "guessing" the answer, which I wanted to avoid. 

So I did get somewhat lucky here, I did indeed learn something from that tactic. I ended up spending about 15 minutes on a tactic today and passing. I started the week rated 1870 in tactics and raised it to 1876.  Hopefully, I won't need to spend 5 days on a tactic anytime soon! 

  • Master Games:

I ended up running through Wilhelm Steinitz' games. He often dispatched his opponents on the Kingside utilizing the h-file by pushing the h-pawn early. Here is an example game:

I am sorry I couldn't really annotate the game at all. Steinitz did this in most of the games I studied... and made it look easy! Simply impressive and somewhat sad that players don't play like this anymore!


According to Wikipedia, Steinitz supposedly had a violent temper in real life. That was certainly not untrue on the chessboard!

  • Endgames: 

I did end up going through the first five of De la Villa's 100 endgame book, though it was pretty much an easy walk through as it was already positions and concepts I already knew. I will start going through two end games a week which should be more challenging.

So... I obviously did not achieve all of my goals 100%, I thought I did pretty well. I did, in fact, start school last week, which has been great so far. My plan for this week will be the same as last week, though, in future weeks, I may decrease my "load" if I feel like my free time is being hindered. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, and again, feel free to let me know if you have any comments, questions, ideas, etc!