Path To Chess Prosperity #14: 1/6/2018 Tournament Analysis PART 1
Don't ask me why I chose this particular cover picture... these are the weirdest pieces ever!

Path To Chess Prosperity #14: 1/6/2018 Tournament Analysis PART 1


Hey guys!

I'm sorry it's been awhile. I have been on a short break from for personal reasons, though your favorite blogger (or least favorite perhaps!) is back jotting words and chess moves on posts for all to enjoy!

So... what has been happening? Back on January 6th (wow! That was a while ago, wasn't it?), I participated in a local tournament. All hopes of nursing my all-time high rating and a possible tournament victory were instantly shattered after a round 1 upset... and you bet I was upset! Probably rating-wise, my worst loss in awhile! 

Though nothing against my young opponent. He is a nice kid and upcoming young player! I wish him the best for his chess career moving forward! But let's take a look at the game and how I screwed up!


Me (right, green shirt) during my game against Walton. You might notice there is not much contrast between the pieces, which was not ideal, though I won't go at all to blame for my loss... I take full responsibility for my blunder. But weirdly, I am playing Black, and my opponent is White!

A very tough loss to swallow, and will be for awhile. Not only the lost rating, but the result was pretty much decided by a dubious one-move blunder! I had to play Black for the 2nd time in a row, being paired against Robert Morgan. I've played him four times now, and even though all four games were won by me, Mr. Morgan is always a tough opponent for me. Here is the game. Enjoy!
Whew! After a tough round 1 loss, I was able to come back with a win against an opponent of a similar rating!
For some reason, I am having trouble showing variations on the boards. Not sure why, but I noticed enhanced the analysis board quite a bit, so there must have been some glitch in the process.
Part 2, as well as the two remaining games, will come out soon! Will I make the ultimate recovery and comeback with two more wins?
Stay tuned!