Path To Chess Prosperity #2: Reconstruction

Path To Chess Prosperity #2: Reconstruction


Hi, guys. Sorry it's been so long! I have had some things come in the way of much blogging... including school! 

... and also due to an OTB chess tournament! Yes, I did compete in a tournament in Arlington Texas about a week and a half ago, scoring 3/4 and crossing 1700! That rating will obviously be a memorable achievement, though it happened so fast! 

Anyways, there is a reason the title is "reconstruction". I may have several of those. This virtually means that I set some goals and completely messed them up. True, chess is not a top necessity of life, and there are other things to think about, I still want to find time to consistently study chess to improve. 

However, I will not be posting every week as I planned to, since life is so busy. My goal at this moment is twice a month, and my goals may be somewhat broader. Anyways, here the reconstruction begins. 

Tactics: I lost about 8 points since my last post and have not been as accurate or consistent as I would have liked. My rating is 1868, so let's make my goal plain and simple: 1900 by October 1st. At this point, I believe it is important not to be too strict with goals, so I don't really care how long I spend, just enough to try and reach my motivation goal. I've been at 1900 before, so it is definitely doable for me. 

Master Games: Slacked on that. My plan has been to look through World Champion games starting from the first (Wilhelm Steinitz), then proceed in reverse order, with current WC Magnus Carlsen next. I will try and finish going through his games by next post.


Endgames: Once again, neglected that. As I stated originally, my plan was to plow through the 100 endgames in De la Villa's book. I have looked at 1-5 (and some of 6), I will plan to go through and learn endgames 6-7.

Lastly, as I previously mentioned, I did indeed play a tournament about a week and a half ago. I beat 1171, beat 1899, lost to 2175, and defeated 1640. I hadn't had time to look through and analyze them much. Hopefully I can show you some of them next post or possibly in the comments section.

Anyways, my next post about my chess journey will hopefully be around October 1st. Sorry if this post was somewhat boring due to extreme reconstruction! Stay tuned for #3 and otherwise, have fun!