Path To Chess Prosperity #9: Prep Before The Tournament

Path To Chess Prosperity #9: Prep Before The Tournament

Dec 11, 2017, 2:39 PM |

Hey, guys!

This post will be very brief, as I don't really have too much to report.

I failed to reach 2000 on Chesstempo, as I was hoping, getting a couple of problems incorrect. My rating is 1973. It was obviously frustrating, though patience is a virtue.

I was happy about my endgame studies. I was able to gather the pawn endgames I am having trouble with and will be working on those before the tournament.

Last, but not least, I was able to do some opening/Master game work. I will share what I did once I progress further into that field.

I also got in two interesting training games in which I learned a lot from:

Here is my (somewhat) updated schedule for before the tournament:


  • 30 minutes Standard tactics
  • 30 minutes working on endgames
  • 10-30 minutes opening work


  • 30 minutes Mixed tactics
  • 30 minutes working on endgames
  • Training G/30 game


  • 30 minutes Mixed tactics
  • 30 minutes working on endgames
  • 30 minutes master games

I don't particularly have plans for Thursday before the tournament (I may do a few tactics), and will probably take a break on Friday. I began writing down a journal (using my training games) finding my weaknesses and jotting them down. I will be frequently looking through that before the tournament as well as before my training game.

Again, I may not complete them to perfection, I do hope to get in some good quality training in, so I can have a good quality report for next post (I hope to get one more in before Christmas).

I do apologize if this post was somewhat boring. I hope to produce more exciting posts in the future! And I will let you guys know how the tournament goes! 

See you soon!

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