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Take That Next Step!

Take That Next Step!

Jul 13, 2017, 1:00 PM 7

Hello, and welcome to my first (official) blog post!


One of the most important aspects of being an accomplished player is the ability to foresee one more step in a tactical or strategic sequence. We are all human and take pleasure in the present or very near future! But taking that extra minimal brainpower to look one or two more moves ahead will save many of your games. 


I will display a few examples from my OTB tournament games. Enjoy!


So as we see, I execute a Bishop sac that would have otherwise been good (I think), I completely failed to look for my opponent's possibilities which would have cost me the game. Close escape. Let's look at another example more on the positional side.
So in this example, I played Rg6, not really taking much (if any time) looking at Bxe7 and his c-file domination! The last example is a relatively recent one... full credit to my opponent for pointing my missed move out!
So finally, if it wasn't for my lack of respect for exd6, I could have had a much better position and possibly won the game! Lesson learned: if you are about to turn down a possibly strong variation, take that next step to double check
I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed blundering! tongue.png Again, you are welcome to let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Look for more blog posts in the future!


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