The Woes Of The Open Kingside
Image via Darkier Studios

The Woes Of The Open Kingside


Hello, fellow chess readers!

I would like to thank @jpaul_lyons for submitting the game below for analysis.

White played an interesting variation of the Grand Prix attack (which is where White plays f4 against the Sicilian). He generated a fierce attack against the King, and would have won had he jumped on a few opportunities. I hope all the readers learn something from this interesting game! Enjoy!

Some key points:

  • Overall, White generated the type of attack he wants in the Grand Prix attack.
  • Black missed several opportunities to play in the center with d5 and/or e5 and should have done so when he could.
  • I noticed White moved his King a lot, which is rarely good in the opening/middlegame unless it clearly improves your position.
  • Black unnecessarily opened his Kingside, especially with 17... g5. 21... e5 was also a bad move which weakened the light squares on the Kingside.
  • White not only missed the win of the pawn on move 20 but a devastating advantage alongside it.
  • White missed 23. Ng3!! which would have been a brilliant position for White.
  • d4 was White's last shot to save the game, which he missed.

So overall, White played a great game until he blundered a piece by not finding d4. Again, thank you all for sending your games! I will try and post a game once per week, so continue to send in your games!

And if I did not post the game you sent, there is still a chance next week!