Trick Or Treat: How I Solved This Difficult Tactic
Photo via Arizona Chess For Schools

Trick Or Treat: How I Solved This Difficult Tactic

Oct 31, 2017, 7:06 PM |


As all of you know, I have been training tactics seriously on and this problem I attempted was somewhat spooky. Let's start with the position given to me:

In the position above, Black just played h6. After a good think, while all the attention was on the Queenside, I realized some potential play on the Queenside. My idea was Qc6 (attacking the Rook) followed by Nxe6! 

And by the way, do not play Rxe6 with the idea of a dangerous Knight on e6, because Black takes the Knight first!

But anyways, I considered and liked the idea of Qc6 and elected to play that move. It turns out my solution was incorrect! Here is when it gets spooky: the server said "incorrect", but (I guess due to internet issues), took awhile to fully load (when the page would display my new rating, points lost, etc). Because the internet was obviously down, I closed Chesstempo and restarted my computer. When I checked Chesstempo again a few minutes later, it turns out the server "forgot" that I missed the problem and acted like I had never attempted it at all! So... the position was left idle, and I simply got another shot! I just knew NOT to play Qc6.

So after some reconsideration, I found a series of brilliant and creepy moves:

Bg8 was a critical spooky move to find...

Thanks for reading and happy trick-or-treating!