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Sick and tired of cheaters -_-

Sick and tired of cheaters -_-

Oct 20, 2016, 2:53 PM 2

I decide to stay away for this site for good, today, i'm reaching the limit of 200 blocked players and i think this is enough!!! Yell like too many people were talking on cheating forum... if this page have 15 millions of players, at least the 1% are cowards and use chess softwares for win (thats 150.000 thousand unmanly more or less), it makes me sick honestly, is incredible that i can won versus high level players like a WFM, but i lose against a 1300 rating cheater, it's like i played against Garry Kasparov or something, and the worst part is, they insult you and everything, they feel proud of their won and say vulgaritys and thinks like "why you didn't resigns know?.

I mean, for example, in the Natalia Pogonina's App i have a rating of 2000 and up, but in this place, specially live chess, it's so difficult to increase the points for all the cheaters! :@ 6 of 10 games are against a fritz, it's ridiculous -_- so i'm done, i leave the page, and i know too many people are thinking the same way.


there I leave my achievements and trophies and my best games for the memory, it is a pity that so many queers contaminate this place.

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