My start in chess.

Oct 16, 2011, 3:03 AM |

Hi everyone, this time i want to confess my start in chess, i start playing this beautiful game since November 2010, because I was going through a great depression,took many antidepressant pills per day , caused by the break with my girlfriend for 3 months before. was destroyed and no self-esteem, sad and not wanting to live. So my grandmother gave me a chess board, in order to distract playing instead to spend all day crying, and that neither she or I knew is that I fall in love with chess. After few weeks began to feel better !, improve my self-esteem, and did not cry as much as before, so i can say that chess helped me move on with my life, and overcome (because you can not remember) to my ex-girlfriend made ​​me much harm. I fully recovered from the break until May of this year, thanks God !. Now my life is different now I'm better than before and stronger in every way, but without losing my humility and gentleness. 

So thats why im here, writing this blog, proud to be part of this great Chess page, and feeling happy. I hope you like my story, and sorry if i write wrong some part. I can speak english but maybe just a 65% porcent. 

 Thanks for reading my blog, and comments are

welcomehave a good day and good games !, hasta luego.