Study by G. M. Kasparyan - 'A sparkling gem of rare exquisite beauty'

Oct 21, 2014, 11:27 AM |

This is a composition by G. M. Kasparyan, who like Kubbel whose work we have looked at, and A. A. Troitsky and A.S. Gurevitz, who I aim to get round to, was one of of the giants of endgame composition of the Soviet era.The life of Kasparyan ( 1910 - 1995) did encompass the whole of that period.


This composition was entered in the 'Chess in the USSR' competition of 1935 and came 4th (4th!) Either the standard of entry was unbelievably high, or more likely the judges' criteria and what they looked for is very diferent to my own. The study is just 7 moves deep and I have again entered it as a puzzle.