Man Vs Machine: When Kramnik missed the point!

Aug 18, 2007, 2:39 PM |

In this game , Kamnik, the world champion failed to see a one-move mate... it goes to show, as one commentator noted, that in chess you can plan all you want but still fail to see that which is planned for you. It is a testimony to how unpredictable chess is, like life. Nobody would expect a grand master at chess to miss such an ordinary and straightforward mate... which is why they sometimes get beat by 12 year olds.

PS: Thank you ever so kindly, madpawn, for getting me to sit up and redo this. For some inexplicable reason though, the cursor arrow doesn't promote the second move but just clicking on d5 directly in the PGN box does and from there on down one may return to the cursor arrows. Thanks for visiting. Ego