Nigeria's Kaitaclysm in pictures

Jun 28, 2010, 6:12 AM |


Picture above; The Greek player urges Kaita to hold on to his collegue long enough for the referee to notice. Kaita's response in Nigerian jingo approximates "Damn! Boy! This Jabulani is fast!"

Here, player No 16 says to Kaita after the foul is commited and his collegue is floored screaming, "Black brother, where do you think you are going?" Kaita thinking to himself says "What! Leave me alone please!" The other player yells "Good! You saw it, didn't you?"

Player appeals to the referee saying "Ref did you see what he did?" Kaita in denial says "I did nothing o!" The referee thinking to himself says "You idiot i.e Kaita, I'm gonna feed you 'red' today, where is my red card for crying out loud!"

A very big "Ouch!!!" best describes this scenario with a good Ho, ho , ho from the Greeks.

Kaita turns to his collegue and says "Ah! Brother..." like in, "Help me!" Peter tells him "It's done already"

Here Peter is like "A red card for that tiny bump!" and the referee goes "I don't wanna hear it!" The Greek player says to Peter to behave himself.

The referre here, is thinking to himself "Look at these two fools, can't believe this Mallam is still on the field. OK, enough is enough!" Meanwhile the Greek player is yelling to Peter "You must be crazy to call it a tiny bump!"

Jabulani is furious as he inquires of Peter "Is this what you call a tiny bump!" and Kaita kneels looking towards the heavens, thinking "God! What am I going to tell Nigerians?"

Referee to Kaita "Get out! The match has to go on." Kaita, sob, sob!

Kaita to Yakubu "Ah! Why me? Sob, sob" Yakubu to Kaita "Hush, don't speak, just get out!" Haruna is thinking "Fool!"

Kaita thinking to himself "It's so shameful, can't get myself to leave"

Lagerback, Nigeria's coach is elated as he thinks to himself "Correct! Now, nobody is going to say Nigeria lost because of my ineptitude!"

Isn't Lagerback's grin just priceless!