Annotated Games From My 11th Tournament

Sep 29, 2013, 11:16 AM |

This was my first tournament since I had been in NY so I was a little nervous going into this. The time control was also game in 60 and I was finding myself running really low on time alot of the time.  I was generally happy with how I played my first three games, by the time my fourth game came around though I was pretty tired and did not put up too much resistance. 

My next game was against my chess friend and collegue, Ki. We played a very even Scandanavian where I had nothing but he overlooked a tactic and resigned (in my opinion prematurely).

My next game was a 2100 where I played pretty well for the majority of the game but I was low on time going into the last few moves and I played h5 when I should have played f5 and potentially held a draw. In any event, I was pretty proud about how I played this game.

Last game was pretty bad. I just played really poorly.

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