Annotated Games From My 13th Tournament

Dec 2, 2013, 1:11 PM |

This was definitely a tough tournament for me. I blundered in 3/4 games, which is unusual for me and I lost to an 1000 rated player in 14 moves which was really tough for me.  I lost 16 rating points after this tournament so my new rating is 1603.

First match I lost quite badly. I miscalculated and played to quickly. I definately deserved to lose this game.

Again this game I blundered a pawn, but my opponent did not follow up correctly and I was able to win back the pawn and then another pawn thanks to a tactical shot.  The position ended in an opposite color bishop endgame where his pawns were frozen which allowed me to simply push my pawns down the board.
A quick loss to an 1100 player this game was over after only using 10 mins from my clock :'(  Honestly I am ashamed of this game.
A really easy win my opponent dropped a pawn on move 3 and dropped the exchange on move 22. 

So all in all not the best result for me. Im hoping to play in the winter open at the PCC which goes from the 14-15 of December.  Thanks for reading and until next time.