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Annotated Games From My 17th Tournament

Annotated Games From My 17th Tournament

Mar 4, 2014, 12:54 PM 2

Hey Guys,

This last weekend I played a tournament at the Portland Chess Club. The time control was 60 mins with 5 second increment. I have to say that this time control made me feel very rushed and I was in time trouble almost every game. I am fairly certain I could have drawn my last game if I only had a few more minutes.



So, all in all, I was pretty disappointed with my play this tournament. I know I was playing Nick Raptis, but I didnt have to make it so easy for him. Moreover, I should have ultimately been able to draw the Ethan Wu game. In the future, especially for games in 60, I have to leave myself enough time for the endgame. Time management is an important part of chess as well. Moreover, I cant keep missing these one and two move combinations that lose a pawn. Overall, an uninspiring performance.

I will be playing in the Spring Open next weekend in the open section. Hopefully I can get myself together, and play some nice games.
Thank you for reading, and until next weekend,


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