Annotated Games From my 19th Tournament (Portland Chess Club G/45)


This past weekend, I played in the Game 45 at Portland Chess Club.  I had to make sure to play efficiently to make sure not to fall behind on the clock. The tournament went mediocrely, and I accepted a draw from a lower rated opponent in a winning position. Not particularly proud of this tournament.



I agreed to a draw in the following position with only 12 seconds on my clock, when I wasn't sure I would be able to find a win.








My last game was just a crushing losss against a lower player in the closed sicilian where I played embaressingly poorly and just totally misunderstood and misplayed the position.

So all in all a disappointing tournament. My rating dropped from 1809 to 1791. Hopefully I will make some of those points back before the next month so I can keep a nice offical rating at a decent level.
Ill be playing at coffeetime G/15 this Saturday, and hopefully various events later this month. 

Until then,