Annotated Games From My 22nd Tournament (Marshall Chess Club Grand Prix G/30)

May 26, 2014, 10:13 PM |
Hey Guys,
I just finsined playing a memorial day tournament at the Marshall Chess Club. Time controls were 25 minutes and a 5 second delay. I think the time may have helped my cause, because I played some variations which may not have been entirely sound. but with only a short ammount of time, its not so easy to figure out the right continuation. In the games that I lost, I felt like there were clear one or two move errors which threw away a balanced position. Also I felt my lack of opening knowledge occaisionally left me with difficult positions and that the opposite was true with openings I knew better (such as the Delayed Steinitz and Smith Morra) anyways, i was happy with the results. After this tournament my rating went up to 1843! I will be playing more tournaments this week so keep an eye out!
Unfortunately, this last game was an opening slaughterfest.