Annotated Games From My Rapid Tournament at the Lucky Lab

Dec 9, 2013, 1:58 AM |

I played at a quick tournament this Sunday at a local bar called the Lucky Lab.  Each game was 25 minutes with a 3 second time delay.  

The first match was quite even, but I was clearly using a lot more time than  my opponent who had been blitzing out moves intially, probably trying to save time for the endgame which was a good strategic decision.  I was had 3 minutes to his 12 and ended up hanging a knight.

 In my next game we went through the same first few moves as one of my recent tournament games. thankfully i remembered the improvement, and got a comfortable position.  We got to a fairly equal middle game position where I just blundered a knight! Oh my god. Thankfully I looked and there could have potentially been some muddling tactics that I could have sought out with Rxc4. And he doesnt take it! I had been playing very fast to save time in the endgame and it payed off when this time it was opponent who blundered under time pressure.  

In my last game my oponents play was a bit strange, but I probably missed some better chances for an advantage.  At any rate, he made a decisive weakening around his king which i exploited and allowing me to finish with a very aesthetic rook sacrifice.


As always, thanks for checking out my games. Until next time,