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Addiction to the art

Addiction to the art

Oct 11, 2013, 5:12 PM 3

Only a short one.

My passion for chess recently turned into an addiction, I used to play many games and when I was not playing, I was thinking about it. Even though I was learning chess like a mad thing (using chess books, memorizing positions) my atual ability appeard to have dipped. I stopped for some months and have gone cold turkey from playing. It was taking over way to much time and my games were regressing. 

Months later, after a long hiatus, I can sense what the problem was : I was favoring quantity over the quality, I was trying to learn everything at once and I was trying to apply all the new found ideas mainly into my 5 or 10 minute games in a local park where I play mostly, which now seems mindless to me. It was due to my impatience and need to see progressI guess. 

This time I am adopting a different approach, I play fewer games and use a great deal of thinking. On top of this, I plan to use a careful and systematic blunder checklist before making in online games while trying to apply chess ideas which I got by reading "My Great Predecessors" and by going through annotated GM games. 

The result so far has been far more enjoyable.


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