Playlist's for Life (Playing Chess)

Jun 1, 2011, 2:49 AM |

Music for Chess


A friend I met on inspired this blog. So thanks to Vance917, I have decided to show off some songs I listen too whilst playing chess myself.


Chess is a game I have been neglecting lately. Mostly due to having little internet access and few friends that appreciate the game. However, when I play, you can usually count on the fact that I am listening to music to stimulate the thought processes or just for that little extra enjoyment. - I love David Bowie. (wish I was around in the 70's/80's) - All time favourite Pianist. - Anything by Bach is good!

Music stimulates my mind in the same way as looking at a great painting, reading a Tolkien novel or watching a Shakespeare play. I'm sure we have all had the experience of looking at a painting and being totally engulfed by it, or listening to a symphony and getting lost in it. However, not all art is for everyone in the sense that it does little to inspire you.

The same can be said for music in terms of playing chess. I find these songs among others aid with the ‘Mozart Effect’ due to their mathematical roots (even if the composers/creators don't think mathematics while writing/composing the songs).

So with all of that taken into account if you will, I can finally get to asking YOU, the community for your ideal songs to listen too while playing chess (that is of course if your one to find music an aid rather than distraction).

I wish to know what songs help stimulate others for chess as I am always interested in the diversity of the human race and what makes others tick and why.

It may even inspire me to extend my ever growing playlist for future chess games.

What are your favourite songs for chess?