Big Rochester tournament - Game 1

Feb 22, 2010, 1:42 PM |

I played a big 2 day Rochester tournament this weekend. I had a 1664 rating at the time, but I was hoping I could prove myself I was in the 1700-1800 range easily by crushing the U1800 section. I was suprised when I got a draw against a person who over a year ago, crushed me in the king's gambit (but I was probably in the 1200s). Apparently he was supposed to be the easiest draw for round 1, with a rating of 1348, but for some reason he played extremely well against me, and it seems like his rating should be higher than that. On the other hand I noticed he also played some pretty bad games later on in the tournament, so I don't know what it was. Time control was 30 moves in an hour, and then you got an extra hour.

In the game, I played the french and got a comfortable position, however, he still played good, solid moves and although at one point I think I was better, at that same moment huge mutual time pressure started for the last 10 moves and things got crazy, but he handled at least as well as I did (and I actually had slightly more time than him) if not better, and unfortunately on the very last move before the extra hour was when I blundered.


I do not think I underestimated my opponent, he just played for the most part like he had my rating. In fact in the whole tournament I thought I played very well, yet I only scored 2.5/5 and all of my draws were against lower rated opponents. I think I had bad luck the first day, it happens.