Game 4- A cute miniature

Jun 12, 2010, 9:21 AM |

This was game 4, and I got a very nice, incredibly short, win against someone as high as 1800. I was very suprised I would win so quickly, especially with a seemingly positional opening chose by me. Being white can be pretty awesome sometimes, because you either have the initiative or your opponent has it but he had to make big positional concessions. Even with this quiet choice of opening, my opponents flank play (...a6 and ...b5, which does influence the center, but other things are more important first!) allowed me to punch right in the center with incredible force.

I know I put a lot of exclams for me and ?'s for my opponent, but this is largely based on what I remember from fritz's analysis (though some I forgot). He had many better ways to stay in the game throughout, but still, I had to play dynamically, when I'm more of a static player, so I think I'm strating to become a more complete player.