Aug 11, 2009, 4:00 AM |

There is absolutely nothing wrong for yearning and connecting with a special loved one.

The problem is that we believe that unless we have this kind of relationship, we believe that there is something missing in our lives. And so we focus all of our energy on finding the ONE who we hope to cure our loneliness.

It is easy to become confuse as our notions change over time by economic, social, and cultural conditions.

It all boils down to two things, really:

1) We all want happiness and

2) We do not want to suffer

No matter what color we are, what religion you belong to, or what your cultural background is: We are all born in the same way and we all die.

And now ask yourself:

What kind of relationship do you want in your life?

-How would you validate your relationship in your life right now?

-How do you set about achieving intimacy in your daily life?

Is it based on wealth? power? position? or is it based on true human feeling?

The ANSWER is:  A genuine love is based on the qualities of affection, compassion, and mutual respect as human beings. Because these qualities yield into a lasting bond, a bond that can never be found if relationship is based on romantic love since most of us take refuge in romance as a source of happiness.

If you are looking for a lasting satisfaction in a relationhip, the foundation of that relationship must be SOLID.