How to Beat GMs in Lost Positions

How to Beat GMs in Lost Positions

NM EnergeticHay

Hello everyone! Many of us have looked up upon GMs as these godlike chess players, and that's because they are godlike chess players. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't human, and that they don't make mistakes. Because they do. So in this blog, I'll be talking about ways you can try to beat a GM, after getting into a losing position. (though these tips can apply to any player, GM or not )

1. Try to create counterplay

It is important to create counterplay against a stronger player. Otherwise, you will make the game very easy for your opponent to win.

2. Don't wildly sacrifice

Creating counterplay does not mean wildly sacrificing your pieces. You still need to try your best to play good moves. If a sacrifice seems justified, go for it! Otherwise, don't throw the game away by trying for something that clearly doesn't work.

3. Don't trade pieces

Trading pieces makes the game simpler. If the game is simpler, an advantage may become more significant and therefore easier to win with. So try not to trade pieces. This is obviously a rule of thumb, as if trading is the best option in the position, then play it anyways. Sometimes you just have the choose the lesser evil.

Key idea: when you are losing, you want to make the conversion harder for your opponent. Think about it: if you are winning, would you rather play a winning pawn endgame up 3 pawns, or calculate a crazy position with pieces hovering around your king?

Next, I have a game demonstrating these tips. It was against GM Andrey Gorovets (@GMG), a very strong Grandmaster who was rated over 550 points higher than me in blitz at the time. Enjoy the game!


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my game analysis and tips for winning lost positions! Please comment down below: Have you ever beaten a stronger player in a lost position? Thanks so much, see you guys next time! 

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