The Importance of Maintaining Composure In Chess
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The Importance of Maintaining Composure In Chess

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Have you ever been completely winning in a chess game, only to blunder it all away? Chess is a game of psychology, where both players fight to see who is not only the better player, but also the one with stronger willpower. Obviously, if one person is significantly stronger than the other, being in poor form or not staying focused might not matter too much. However, I've found that many games are decided based on who is more composed during the game.

What is composure in chess?

Composure is defined as being calm and in control while under pressure. But what exactly does this mean? How do you be composed in chess?

Composure in chess is...

  • Staying focused throughout the game
  • Not getting over-confident when in a winning position
    • The game is never over until... it's over! Stay focused until your opponent either resigns or you checkmate him.
  • Not losing hope in "lost" positions. No position is lost unless you think it's lost.

With those points in mind, let's take a look at a game that I played this weekend, which not only demonstrates the importance of maintaining composure, but also the horrific consequences that can occur when you get cocky.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something from viewing this game! I hope you learned from my mistake, and will stay calm and composed in a similar situation. Don't forget to submit your games in the comments section below, and I'll talk to you guys next time! Peace!

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