Player Profiles: WGM Elina Danielian Player Profiles: WGM Elina Danielian

Feb 26, 2016, 1:57 AM |

Today's top player profile interview is really a bit of a gem! Without anybody knowing, former World Champion for girls under 14 in 1992 and the World Champion for girls under 16 in 1993, WGM Elina Danielan from Armenia has been playing stunning chess under the name Infinity-E in the live server since mid January.

Name: Elina Danielian

Title: WGM, woman grandmaster

Date of birth: 16 August 1978

Fide rating:  2445 

Country: Armenia username: Infinity-E     


 Elina Danielian has long been Armenia´s top female player. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband.


Is there any chess book that has had a deep and lasting influence on you?

My 60 memorable games by Robert Fischer, and Genrikh Kasparian's chess studies. Generally I like the books about great chess players with their best games.


What would your last meal be? 

I don't know... haven't had any thoughts about it, yet :-)


If you could choose to live one day of any time in the history of mankind, which time would that be and why?

Maybe it sounds very banal but I like our present time or I would like to be born in future. I can't imagine myself living in the Middle Age or 2-3 centuries ago because it seems too boring to me


What is your favourite movie?

Knocking on Heaven's Door, Avatar and Woody Allen's movies.



The one and only Woody Allen.


Who is your favorite chess player?

Nowadays it's Magnus Carlsen, but generally my favorite players are Jose Raul Capablanca, Tigran Petrosian and Anatoly Karpov.


What music are you currently grooving to?

It depends on my mood but mostly it's blues-rock, but I also like Lana Del Rey's songs a lot.


What is the best chess-game you played?

I've been playing chess for many years and I have many interesting and good games, but the combination from my game against Hungarian GM Viktor Erdos is a very spectacular one with sacrifices and deep calculation.







What do you do when you relax?

I like to read books, to watch comedy shows and good movies, but sometimes to play chess online can also be very relaxing…


What five words do you think best describe you?

Kind, purposeful, honest, principle, patient and sometimes aggressive, but only behind the chess board…


Is there any lesson you’ve learned in chess that resonates in your real life?

Chess is a full part of my life, and it had a big influence on the formation of my personality. It taught me to think before making important decisions, not only on the chessboard but in life as well.  It also taught me to be patient and not to be afraid of global changing.


Do you have any thoughts on how can get even better?

I'm not a web expert and I have no idea how to improve on that area, but in my opinion is good enough and a comfortable site to play chess. For me it's a very good one.