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Socks in the Microwave.

Mar 11, 2010, 1:11 AM 0


Socks in the Microwave.

I'm just a short-sighted old fart with a bad memory who lives in the woods miles from anywhere civilised (That's what the title is short-hand for). But I have a friend 'Mark' (After Mark Twain who was six feet tall - well this Mark is about six foot wide !) Of course, 'Mark' isn't his real name but I need the protection if he ever finds out I've talked about him.

Any road, Mark and I were walking the boundary of his property - He's a bit behind the times and has a sprinkling of signs along the barbed wire fence ('Danger - Trespassers may be shot: Private Shooting' and the like) all signed 'A Rottweiler' (which is also not his real name ... strange that.). So, I had previously talked him into learning to play chess a bit ... He liked the 'cRooks', pair of Alpha Females and the prevalence of  Pawns (he spels them 'Porns'). He especially liked the Porns 'cos they were stand up guys ... they stood their ground, never retreated and kept going - It was only when they were made up to officers that they started poncing around and retreating. Yeah, He had a lot of respect for Porns. The King also seemed a good idea - every body was sworn to look after the guy no king, no nothing. So he learned to play chess a bit. Of course, it was sometimes a bit of a blood bath and the concept of resigning (as a courtesy) in a hopeless position was just not on. 'Heck, man ... you gotta fight your corner.'

And here's a game that shows what he meant. It was a 15 0 Standard with a 120 point difference between the 1600+ players:

Black forfeited the game on time - although it was, inevitably going to be a draw I think. White had 43 seconds still on the clock. The way the game zinged up and down, back and forth was quite interesting too.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did  watching it.

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