The Doberman King

Jun 14, 2010, 11:45 AM |

All the World, his wife and his pet canary, knows that there are three phases in a Chess game; the Opening, the Middle game and the End game. In this little game I was fairly lucky in that my quite neat trap for his Queen worked and I got her, a trifle expensively, for the cost of a Knight and a Bishop. From then onwards, with a Queen versus a pair of Bishops, it was likely to become a long haul of a middle game ... and, sure enough, he started to harass my King with his Rook, Bishop and Knight.

At this point, I thought, "What the Heck - Why not 'cut out the middle-man' and go into the End game direct ?" And this is what I did. One of the advantages about a Pawn attack
, from my point of view in this game, is that a Pawn is only offensive in two of the eight squares around it. Thus, the King was able, relatively simply, to slip through the Pawns and finish up in a classic End game position with its' subsequent mate.

I know I was lucky - but, there you go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.