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Norway Chess R1: Collecting points with basic skills

Norway Chess R1: Collecting points with basic skills

Jun 7, 2017, 2:08 AM 2

The games in Altibox Norway Chess' first round were both solid and good - and thus: Very instructive. As the Sofia-rules applies for this tournament, all games were played out before hands were shaken, and we got the chance to see the worlds elite getting use of some skills probably acquired during their very first years as chess players. 


By using his elementary skills, Wesley So had no problems keeping the endgame to a draw. 

Photo: Maria Emelianova

All eyes were on the matchup between world's number one Magnus Carlsen and world's number two Wesley So, but the game didn't turn out to be the show many had hoped for. The players took little risk and played it safe and sound, but despite that - preciseness was required until the last move. Let us take a look at how the American superstar saved a draw against World Champion Magnus Carlsen by knowing his fundamentals: 

Probably discussing anything but the end. Photo: Maria Emelianova
And Wesley So wasn't alone in showing off this youth acquired principles today. Hikaru Nakamura, who was the only one to score a win, instructively presented the most effective way to get a pawn to its promotion square by the help of a rook. Let's have a look: 
Those guys could have known all the fancy tricks in the world, but without their basics - all that would be for nothing. Moral of story is: Put work into those essential principles to collect the points your play deserves! 

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