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Norway Chess R6: Avoiding (and exploiting) Fabiano's attack

Norway Chess R6: Avoiding (and exploiting) Fabiano's attack

Jun 13, 2017, 6:46 PM 0

Have you ever panicked as your opponent castles on the opposite side of you - fearing the upcoming attack and not knowing how to deal with it? Their pawns rush so fast, your king becomes so weak, and in the end - you become so easily mated. I would guess every advanced chess player have had a period like that, but eventually learnt how to try to keep it on an arm-length distance. 

Round six of Altibox Norway Chess contained some great rules of thumb to be keep in mind when your opponent launches an attack against your most valuable piece. Let us see how Vishy Anand both avoided and exploited Fabiano Caruana's attempt to do so, and eventually scored his first win of the tournament. 

In the game, Fabiano Caruana's attack did not have the slightest chance against Vishy's defence. The former World Champion with great effectivity first locked down his opponents plans - and thereafter exploited the weaknesses left behind. His choices served as a good examples of what to keep in mind when your king is being exposed to an attack. 

Photos: Maria Emelianova

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