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Dec 7, 2016, 5:40 PM 3

It's not about having All the people in the world for you It's about knowing that somewhere Someone watches over you It's about singing and being able to listen More than the voice itself It's about dancing in the rain of life That falls on us It's knowing if we feel infinite In a universe so vast and beautiful Is to know to dream And then to make worth every verse Of that poem about believing It is not about reaching the top of the world And knowing that it has won It is about climbing and feeling That the road has strengthened you It is about being shelter And Also to live in other hearts And so to have friends with you In all situations We can not have everything What would be the grace of the world if it were so? That's why I prefer smiles And the gifts that life brought Near me It's not about everything that your money Can buy And yes about every moment Smiling to share It's not about running against time to always have more Cause when you least expect it Life is already behind Hold your son on your lap Smile and hug your parents While they're here That life is bullet train, partner And we're just passing by soon

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