10 Checkmates You Must Know

10 Checkmates You Must Know

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To win a game of chess, you need to learn how to checkmate your opponent. There are many ways to checkmate. The checkmate patterns that I am about to show you are ones you might have already encountered or encounter in the future.

Anastasia's Mate

This checkmate involves the rook attacking the king and the knight sealing off his escape squares. Usually, there is a pawn blocking the king´s escape route.

Arabian Mate

This is like Anastatia´s mate, but we are mating the king in the corner of the chessboard. The rook is supported by a knight.

Boden´s Mate

The Boden´s Mate is when the two bishops work together to mate the king.

Greco´s Mate

The Greco´s mate happens when two bishops trap the king and a rook or queen mates them.

Hook Mate

The hook mate happens when the rook attacks the king and has a knight protecting it and a pawn is protecting the knight.

Kill Box Mate

The kill box mate happens when the queen and the rook work together to trap the king.

Opera Mate

The opera mate is when the rook and the bishop work together to mate the king. The mate above is the Opera Game mate where it gets it´s name.
Smothered Mate
The smothered mate is when the knight traps the king with friendly pieces surrounding it.
Triangle Mate
Similar to the Kill Box Mate, the queen and rook work together to mate the king except the king is not in the back rank.
Vukovic Mate
Similar to the hook mate, the rook and knight work together to mate the king supported by any other piece. 

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