Not My Will

Feb 19, 2010, 8:07 PM |
"Every sorrow or pain that comes to us can be used for God's glory. If we grow bitter or rebellious, the suffering has been in vain. But if we learn from it sympathy and forbearance, it can become a blessing that will bear fruit for Him. You have given your life to Him to use as He sees fit. Let Him take all these things also and bless you through them. If God wills, and in spite of the sad past it can be a happy one."
"The road has been hard and lonesome, but God has given me grace for each day, and He has given much of happiness, too. He never makes the burden to heavy, and has taught me the meaning of real joy. It is something that goes deep into the heart and has nothing to do with outside circumstances."
Oh, what wonderful wonderful rest,
Trusting completely in Jesus I'm blest;
Sweetly He comforts and shields from alarms,
Holding me safe in His mighty arms.