Feb 20, 2010, 2:18 PM |



1. You never thought why you smile.

What is the meaning?

Why is it so easy to frown and not smile?

Look. Do you see them around?



People are wounded and fear.

They stare through your eyes searching for hope.

Will you give them the smile their looking for?

Will you smile and love them to the core?


2. We fight and we argue,

We hurt and we cry,

But did you ever think,

You could just heal with a smile.


3. We hate then we praise,

We thank then we hurt,

Evil is manuevering trying to get inside,

When all you have to do is love and smile.


4. Those weak and lownly with sad faces,

Need something to make their life worthwhile.

A day worth living is what they want,

And life is worth one small bit of cheer.


By Jessica MacNeil  8/09