"The Search"

Mar 25, 2011, 10:52 AM |



What are you looking for? Why are you alive?


All you know is that you're trying to survive.


On a desperate search for answers to why you are here.


To find out your purposeful task or career.


So continue searching. Never letting go. Never giving up.


I'm praying that you'll be totally filled. Filled up.



1.Work for money or dig for gold.


Get anything you want, is what you've been told.


Is your purpose in life to work or to jeer?


Just listen and you'll hear why you're here.



    1. You want to see what you're becomin',


But you're scared and so tired of runnin'.


Wondering if you're going in the right direction,


But fearful of passing through the intersection.






The pleasures in this life do not compare,


To the beauty and riches in Heaven there.


Where all tears and sorrows will wash away,


And love will stay.


Joy and happiness fill the realm.


Forgiveness is there. Our King is at the helm.





3.All the riches in this world will not amount,


To anything in the life beyond that counts.


The money and cars are not really ours,


But gifts from above. Far from Mars.





4. Your life belongs to the One who created all,


Who's only Son died for you so you won't crawl.


He gives you a chance for eternal love with Him,


And total forgiveness if you'll live your life for Him.




So continue searching. Never letting go. Never giving up.