Wisdom Tip: Trying is Lying

Jul 16, 2013, 7:30 PM |

We all aspire to achieve great things. We often set goals to help
us focus on achieving them. It can be very fun and exciting to
make a big wish list or vision board of all that we hope to
accomplish.  I once heard goals defined as giving our dreams
deadlines. Go ahead; dream BIG, after all we serve a big God!

No matter how lofty or small our goal is, the work required to
accomplish the goal is not nearly as much fun as achieving it.
Ultimately we know anything worth having is worth working for, but
that doesn't mean getting it will be easy. In fact, most often the
opposite is true. It will be hard, tedious and we will likely want
to give up at some point along the way. But that also is what
makes achieving the goal all the more rewarding. Knowing that we
hung in there, stuck with it and did not give up.

I'll go ahead and confess now that this will not be a feel good
post. In fact, many of you will probably not appreciate what I
will share today at all. I'm basing that statement on the fact
that most people I've shared this with over the years tend to
reject it because it challenges their status quo and makes them
accountable to actually get into action. However, my goal is not
to chastise you but only to present a simple truth that has
blessed me tremendously. How you choose to respond simply reveals
where you are in the process towards real change. That's not to
say it's good or bad, it's simply where you are at this moment and
it doesn't mean you will stay there forever. Once you get to the
place where you're ready to accept it as truth you will most
certainly be moved to action too.

We have the best of intentions and nothing pleases us more than
the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving a much
sought after goal. But how many of us are in the goal setting
business  vs.  the goal accomplishment business? You see the
distinction is ACTION. What are you actually doing to get there?

-I'm trying to lose weight
-I'm trying to slow down
-I'm trying to get out of debt/earn more money
-I'm trying to stop gossiping/talking too much
-I'm trying to grow spiritually
-I'm trying to meet more girls/guys
-I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying

You see, we make time for what's important to us. I've been saying," I'm trying," for
months, but what did I actually DO.

  The cold hard truth is this my friends--trying is lying!

There are so many things in life that we've convinced ourselves
we're trying to do. The truth of the matter is, "I'm trying," is
really an excuse. It's an excuse for not doing what we say we want
to do. We can easily excuse any type of nonperformance by simply
saying "I'm trying." "I'm trying" takes the pressure off ourselves
because we get credit for doing something that we're really not
doing. In the end, it's a way of deceiving ourselves into thinking
we've changed when absolutely nothing has changed.

The only person who gets victory out of you trying is the enemy
because he has you stuck in a cycle of nonperformance even though
you "feel" like you're making an effort. Do the hard work of
actually doing what's required to achieve your goals. Telling
yourself  and  everyone  else  around you that you're trying
accomplishes absolutely nothing. If nothing else, I ask that you
acknowledge where you are and make a choice as to whether you will
do something about it now or later, but don't remain in denial that
you're trying to do anything.

Here's another truth that's critical to understand; we
are powerless to change in and of ourselves, but with God all
things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

Tap into the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within you to
accomplish all that God has created you to do. Stop trying and do
it! Your destiny awaits?

Have an Awesomely Blessed day!