Just another Berzerker...

Expion05: "I'll trade you my stiff rook for that elegant queen... Ok. Maybe not. I've got something better in mind!" 

What was the last time someone ELOquently outsmarted you on a chessboard?

GET REAL. ELOquence in Chess? What is so ELOquent about playing moves that even a machine nowadays can throw at you in less than a second?

Forget about ELOquence then... How about precision? Even better, how about throwing a berzerker at your opponent?

ExPion05: "Wait a minute. What's a berzerker?"

Just play... And, when its time for your "berzerker" to get in the action, you`ll know it!




  • 3 years ago


    Don't we all go berzerk somethimes ?  Innocent

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