The Pawn that does not promote...

May 10, 2013, 8:31 PM |

The king pawn is bound for the middle of the board where an inevitable battle awaits. And, although possibilities for a promotion do exist mathematically, it is a curse that even the queen pawn knows not how to resolve. So, like a sitting duck, the king pawn is the most vulnerable pawn on the board, even though mathematically all pawns are equal in value.

ExPion05: "The e-pawn... a sitting duck?"

What a curse! And to make matters worse… the pawn with the least chances for a promotion is perhaps the only pawn on the chessboard that does not know it. So, be a mathematician for once and ask yourself how to resolve this so called curse of the sitting duck (or how can you promote the king pawn?)

ExPion05: “How about giving the king pawn a break?”

I will give you a hint because time is a big factor in chess, especially when you are advancing in a blitz game. On one hand, it is a curse because the most fierce battle often takes place in the middle of the board (where pawns are most vulenerable for capture), but on the other hand, IT`S ALL AN ILLUSION because it is often not the pawn that is targeted but the position or square it occupies.

So cheer up for a change, and take a break SIR… for the queen’s bishop pawn has come to the rescue… Consider this a first lesson in chess understanding that begins with the undisputable English Opening.


The Curse of the Sitting Duck…