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KNIGHT has intrigued me a lot. I consider this piece very valuable especially in initial game and middle game when you have less space to move and you are searching tactical wins. Hence, it is important that you manoeuvre this piece in a smart and strategic manner.

                                       Now I would like to share a very important insight I had about the KNIGHT. You may have read many blogs and articles but I am sure nobody would have touched this topic called KNIGHT FIELD. In my later blogs I would elaborate this further. Here I would give you information on CHESS FIELD. By CHESS FIELD we mean that a force of field that each piece exercise on chess board. In this way each piece on board has a field of force or an area of domination or an area of influence wherein it exercise attacking and deterrent capability. Below I have tabulated the force field of each piece and their strength.

Name of field

Squares under attack

Geometrical shape

Importance in the game

              Pawn field    

1 or 2, in all the pieces a2 and h2 pawn has minimum chess field.                                           


It is felt more when a pawn is about to queen. Also ordered and supported pawns have much stronger field than disorganised and an individual pawn.

King field

8 squares


Only defensive and not punitive.

Bishop field

8 to 16 squares

linear to diagonals

A pair of bishop is more deadly than a single bishop.

Knight field

2 to 8 squares               

point to octagonal  

People of low IQ usually fall prey to this field. Human brain can decipher linear attack easily. But this one require higher order analytical skill.

Rook field

16 squares 

linear, rectangular and square

A pair of rook produces powerful field lines harder even for queen to escape.

Queen field

32 square(amazing)

Diagonal, rectangular, linear

Put the queen in centre and rest assured of the opponent demise. You can feel it when Queen is near your king or in the centre.

 Of course, most powerful of all is the queen field but it is important that you try to utilize the KNIGHT FIELD most intriguing  and puzzling for minnow players. I will dwell on this in my next blog. Please give me feedback about this topic.