Bluesmachine in the debate

Oct 23, 2013, 7:31 AM |

I was wandering alone outside.It was already dark outside.I went outside to smoke and as usual while walking at night few things came to my mind.I live inside a hospital.As usual i spend a lot of time inside it.While wandering alone or when put my head on the pillow a lot of things come to my mind.Sometimes i forgot those and sometime it still chase me in the morning.

I started a account in this site several months ago.It was a time,when i was trying keep myself busy in doing something,which will make my time useful.That's how i became involved to this site.My priority was to site where i can chat,play and freely talk about myself.

I think it was a simple effort to get rid of my lonliness.As i have entered to chat i found some company,some were ordinary and some became very special.One of that guy was Bluesmachine.He was nearly my age.So i had that oppertunity to get a company.He was a strange character.I think he was one of the attraction of this site and debate room.Debate was a room where we used to apply our crazy thoughts and kill our time.Some we used get involved in a conflict with each other due to some philosophical topic.

So i came to know this Bluesmachine and withing few days we became great friend.I used to share my feeling with him.Blues was very fond of making new story about his life everyday and we used gather around him.Sometimes he became a landlord,sometime a school teacher,sometime a geologist and sometime a very confusing guy.If i want to write those in details,that attempt will end up in failure.It is beacuse he was relentless in making new story and keep people laughing.

I still think alone about him and some funny moments of Debate.My life is very simple confined in a government area,which is surrounded by several hospital.But still it is so beautiful area.I hope someday i will write more about my place.

For now my main concern is put an end to this blog.I am not a proffessional writer,i am not writing this for publicity.So i can can dump that thought to the ashtray.But when i will put an end to this writing,i have to get busy with something,and know those simple complication of our life will keep me ruffeled.I will get bored,i will be depressed,i will feel hopeless.A lots of thoughts will come to my mind again.That's how we live with our simple complicated life.We all do,and our life keeps us restless.We became anaxious with many thing which we have to do in next.

So entertaining people is not an easy task.Bluesmachine was a magical charecter which used to make us laugh and keep us cheery when many things have failed.I think it is not easy to cheer up people like that, and 'Debate' also owes some credit to that.

This writing is dedicated to 'Bluesmachine' whom i used to see most of the time in 'Debate'.