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A Mixed Bag of Puzzles

A Mixed Bag of Puzzles

Sep 23, 2013, 5:32 AM 0

I hope you will excuse a little self-indulgence this month. You will get  a mix of some of my favourite puzzles for your entertainment, none too difficult but all a little different. It's all purely entertainment this month so let's get into it shall we?

First up is a multiple puzzle. A composition by Hanneman, we have one diagram but 4 puzzles. All starting from the same position, you need to find 4 winnig lines - it is white to mate in 1, 2, 3 and 4 moves. A little clue: there is a pattern here which I hope you see after the first puzzle or two.

Next we have a composition by P. Heuacker, it is white to play and win. It doesn't look very promising
in the inital position but a pretty win is there. See how you go.
Our next position illustrates a particular danger of pawn grabbing. We have all heard that this often a bad idea and what we will see here is an amusing way of demonstrating an opponents folly. This position was reached in a game C. van der Heijden vs Smout, 1972. In a winning position, Black has just played 1. ... Rxb2 (moved from c2) not realising that this move loses quickly. Instead 1. ... Rc4 would have maintained a winning position. How did white now demonstrate why black's move so bad?
Finally, here is a position where whites queen is pinned and seemingly lost. Black was expecting to regain his material and at least draw level but got a shock with whites next move. How does white turn the tables here?

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