Games, games and more games.

Jul 24, 2013, 4:52 AM |

We have quite a treat this month I hope you agree. Three annotated games plus a little bonus at the end. The notes in all games are by the winner, and in at least one case, also include thoughts and analysis from the loser and/or people who watched the game and contributed after it was completed. I think that is one of our strengths here at the DHLC, that this collaborative approach to our chess enriches all who take part as I also like to think that this newsletter contributes to in some small way. Let us know what you think and help us improve it for YOU.


Enough from me, time to get off my soapbox and get on with the games. As some of you know, the DHLC has some teams playing in the ICC T45-45 League as well as here on Some of those teams are doing rather well, as are individual players in those teams; more about that later. This game is by Petrosianac (who goes by the name HematiteBrown on ICC) and here is his board 1 playoff game. And I'd better tell you at this point about the numbers you will see in front of the notes to the game, or on their own if there are no notes for the move. They are the time remaining in seconds., we are still waiting for time stamping here ...


 The next one comes from Slow Swiss #6. It was played in the final round and both players were on 4 points. The result of this game would decide the result of the tournament so it was one of those pressure last round games that I expect many of us dread. In the blog post linked below, you will find a detailed set of notes giving the winners thoughts at critical points in the game as well as the whole game at the end of the article.


 For our final game, I would like to share with you a game that some of you may already be familiar with but deserves a wider audience. It is what we believe to be the first Slow Chess League game played by a titled player and now that we have a few as members of the DHLC, here's hoping for many more. As I understand it, this was a popular game with online viewers and drew quite a crowd of spectators. I would have been one of them except the game was played at 3:00am local time for me so I was rather busy ... sleeping.


As the winner notes, it was an interesting game. The notes are perhaps more suitable for intermediate or more advanced players, but I think there is something in there for anyone who is prepared to put in a bit of effort to improve. And isn't that what we are all here for?



Yes, I did say that you were getting three games this month, but here is a little bonus. Some of you may already following their exploits but some of the DHLC members have been playing in the T45-45 League on ICC. There have been many interesting games played there, one of which was our first game this month. If you have missed these games and want to catch up with what has been happening, here is a link to the latest in the ongoing exploits and games from that league. I hope you enjoy them.




I hope you enjoyed those games and found something useful towards improving your own play.




Remember that we want YOUR games. Anyone can play instructive and interesting games, so why not share yours? If YOU have a game you'd like to have considered for publishing in the newsletter, send it to us at, or post it in a blog and tell us about it so we can review it. Hey, you can even write on the back of a napkin and post it to us, but make sure you send it! With all the Slow Chess League games happening now, I expect to be flooded with games.