The Updated State of the Database, August 2013

The Updated State of the Database, August 2013

Aug 24, 2013, 8:12 PM |






The latest version of the DHLC Slow Chess League games database, as at 24 August 2013, is about to be uploaded. And with that, here is an update on the statistics from the games database.


Number of DHLC members:  3078 (up from ?? - I didn't record how many members we had at the corresponding time last month)

Number of games: 1870 (up from 1520)

Number of players: 505 (up from 433)

Percentage of DHLC members playing: 16.4%

Number of events: 119

Again, this number of events is probably not entirely accurate. I have done a little cleanup in the database but I think that I still have a few incorrect event spellings to fix, which may drop this by a few events.


Most active players (at least 25 games)

Player Number of Games
zuzgzwang67 70
Strickland420 59
akam129 56
oleppedersen 54
Okieman888 48
tonifa 46
Dr_Cris_Angel 44
Eris_Discordia 42
king_nothing1 42
Eternal_Patzer 40
JRTK73 39
Lavner 39
AinaPuke 38
Abhishek2 37
game_of_chess 37
Eyeam 36
nate23 35
hreedwork 31
vaiuuii 30
xandico 30
whitegs 29
MathBandit 28
cautions 28
MarioChessNiraj 27
dgross9 27
Constantine73 26
Lockin 26
Lykantro 26
TALminator 26
Yamaduta 26
deank 26
sara_manju 26
Chesspeacemaker 25
lPindar 25


There were 21 players on this list last month, it has grown to 35 this month. Not too surprising given that there an extra 350 games in the database in this month. You have been busy!

Nice to see some new faces in there, and in the Slow Chess League overall. I am also pleased to see that your hardworking admins and TDs also feature in the list; while they are busy, many still get time to play.

Note that my cutoff of 25 games for this list is completely arbitrary, just in case anyone is wondering why that number is the minimum to be included as an active player. As the number of games and players grows, I will almost certainly increase the number so the list doesn't grow too large. Of course, anyone with Chessbase or another database program will be able to see the full list at any time.

I still haven't worked out an easy way to give you a list of the "winningest" players, those who have won the most games, and perhaps a list of our drawing masters.


Let's have some pictures now. First, here is the overall win-loss record.















Here is a breakdown of the game lengths (this is by number of moves, not by time):
















Want to know which openings are the most popular? Have a look at this then. You will need to have access to the ECO opening codes to understand thie next graph. There are many places on the internet where they can be found but the Wikipedia Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings page is as good a place to start as any. This month, I have included a picture for each of the A - E major ECO codes.













 That's it for this month. Enjoy!