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A blindfold game win.

A blindfold game win.

Feb 20, 2017, 1:02 AM 0
I used to be a chess player with an interest in poker. These days I'm a poker player with an interest in chess. After about a year of exclusive poker study I decided to give a blindfold game a try. My brother was skeptical that I could play a full game. I was white, he was black. I would tell him my notation ("e4!"). He would make the move for me (he moves the pawn to e4). He would make his reply (for example, he moves the pawn to e5) and announce the move back to me ("e5!").

The rules are if I lose track of the position I lose. If I make an illegal move (trying to move a piece that isn't there, moving it to a square it can't reach, etc.) then I lose. Also, if I get checkmated I lose. Anyway, here it is!

And black resigned. It felt great to score a win after a year away from the game!

If you're rated 1600+ it's worth a try to play a blindfold game. Afterwards you'll be able to calculate faster and with more accuracy when you have sight of the board. Thanks for looking through the game!

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