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Winning after a massive losing streak.

Winning after a massive losing streak.

Feb 14, 2013, 10:11 AM 0

While I do my blogging on chess.com I play the bulk of my games on ICC. The competition on ICC is no joke and I feel like I get my butt kicked more (and therefore learn faster) there. I recently went on a long losing streak at ICC. Let's just say it was well into the double digits, assuming you don't include the "disconnect loss" by a 1300 (who was actually winning convincingly). It was shameful. In fact, it was so embarassing that I found myself fantasizing about quitting chess forever.

Once I got over myself with the help of a few expert level friends (Mark Loly in particular) and a new chess book for inspiration (Think Like a GM by Kotov) I found myself back in the saddle with a new thirst for blood. The key was taking on the losing streak as a boon, not a bruise. Mark encouraged me to view the games where I lost, even to those rated far beneath my level, as practice games. I urge those in the midsts of a losing streak to do the same.

The following game is against an opponent on ICC rated 1741 with the time control of 45 minutes for the game. With my revitalized thirst for a win mixed with my new method of calculation I was ready to get back at it. Enjoy.

FearlessKing vs Alseki 45/0 ICC

I hope this article and game will provide inspiration to you if you have suffered some defeats lately. Thank you to my opponent for his sportsmanship and thank you for reading. All comments and analysis are certainly appreciated.

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