Fay’s version of the Daily Bread

Mar 10, 2008, 1:33 PM |

I make all the right moves on a tactical puzzle site, and then I fail to score a single point the following day.


I scored 1600 one week, then slip right down to 1100 the next week.


I see the puzzle that is on the board. I am able to relate to that pattern that is on that puzzle on the board. Then blank, there is no connection from the cranium to the fingers to the mouse. I make a totally dumb move, lose the whole thing, sulk in misery, and then I order a pizza with everything on it that I hate!  

I currently have two games that are sure wins, and I can’t seem to finish it off.

Why did this whirlwind of desire to win simply die down to a gentle breeze? 

One thing is for sure. When you sit down to analyze a game, or work on puzzles, you better not have any sick feelings in your tummy.  

No melancholic thoughts in your head, no worries that plague your heart, no memory of that crummy day at work, no desire for swearing someone, no wishes for that perfect love, no day dreaming of a better life, and no desire for food or water. And hopefully there will be no bathroom breaks. Well, that’s if it’s not a Blitz game. 

So stay focused, remain focused, and repeat. 

“All you need is one stray mutt in the yard and that will eventually lead the whole pack of mutts to your doorstep.” And I have no clue as to who was responsible for that quote.

-The End-