Project FM-Title: A jump towards 1800

Jul 10, 2012, 6:17 AM |

Hey dear readers,

after all my games are almost decided due to blunders yet, i've decided to include this very one example before posting only games played in team matches as well as games played by players rated 2000+.

Okay, this game gave me a smile from the very beginning, as i remember a funny story with this variation (1.d4 e5?).

Well, after i first met this move, it was in my old chess club where a good friend of mine played around 10 blitz games against me (5 white, 5 black) and with black answered my 1.d4 with e5, and i lost the very first game due to the trap that's possible there and the remaining due to other tricks which white has to know in that opening (if he does, he's almost winning).

So well, this game was played in lightning speed, i think we didn't even need 10 minutes for it, maybe not even 5. However, up to Ng5 i knew the theory (thanks Kaufman!), and just had to come up with an answer to his Nxe5??, which is too greedy. He is so badly developed, f7 is a threat, c7 is a threat and even motifs with Ne6!! appears (using the fact that i'll be able to exploit a discovered attack). So, however, i've been very thankful for this game as it immediatly took me toward 1800!